Name for yourself….

I’m havin troble fiuger out a name for my self I feel like I have ties in my past life close to naderdames can you please help me I feel something but can’t find myself I also really did die twice the last time was 4 month ago

Hello there my dear, Is there something wrong with the name you currently have? I assume that you are looking for something with a little more spiritual significance or something that will better suit you and your personality…. Well, in this case, you are the only one who can really be the judge of that. Unlike when you are born and your parents get to make the choice as to what you will be called, this one is all up to you. So, in that, I would make certain that you give it due thought and consideration and find something that not only fits well, but is something that you really do like and will be proud to be called…. If you are looking for inspiration, i would suggest talking to others within your circle or coven, as they will likely have more insight into the ins and outs of who you are and what might be suitable…. And as to the last bit… about dying twice… that sounds rather unhealthy. Perhaps you should see a physician… or a mortician… about this rather unusual condition that you seem to have developed…. Most of us only die once… and that generally happens right at the end of our stay on this level of existence. If you have figured out a way around this, I might suggest looking into getting a patent or copyright and then marketing your discovery….

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  1. Peggy says:

    I want to find a name too. Will you help me?

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