Naysayers and Disbelievers….

Hey Rose! My friend was on your website and I read the letter from the guy you claimed you helped with the pregnant girlfriend. You know if you were half as talented as a witch as you say, then you would know what spell check is. You think anyone who isn’t delusional would trust someone with so-called cancer who couldn’t even spell waiter? (waitor). Give me a freaking break you fraud. Stop telling people that garbage. You couldn’t cure a pimple on a idiots a**. Go away loser!!!

Hello there my dear, Generally I would not even waste my time with questions (such as it is) like these. But I thought it might be important to give my thoughts and opinions on receiving mail such as this so that others might have a bit of insight as to how I view them and the chance to hear me vent a bit of my spleen about people who act in such a childish manner…. First off, if you do not like what I am or what I do, that is your choice and I fully support your right to your own opinion. But the reality of the matter is that I do not seek out or solicit anyone – which means that you came to my sight of your own free will and spent time here. So, if you disagree with either me, my beliefs, my religion, the craft, the existence of magic, or whatever else that you may find here, that is your right. However, you do not have to come here. You do not have to read a single word I write. You do not have to spend a single second of your life interacting with me or those around me. Unfortunately, there are some people who are so miserable and so unhappy with themselves and their own lives that they begin to seek out others to persecute and denigrate in order to make themselves feel better. And with a small minded world view that beggars the imagination, these people begin the cycle of hate, bigotry, abuse, and persecution that has lead to some of the greatest tragedy in mankind’s history.

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3 Responses to “Naysayers and Disbelievers….”

  1. Jen says:

    Agree with Rose. WHY in the world would you waste your time bashing someone elses believes (did I spell that right?) I hope this person will refrain from writing on peoples websites in the future we have enough negative energy in the world already we do not need anymore. I am sorry Rose and the rest of us who believe in magic had to read that awful post……..

  2. sherry says:

    I can’t beleive how bored and fake YOU are,to take time to actually bash someone for spelling,REALLY? I TOTALLY agree w/ Rose,and I hope you don’t have little ones to influance to discrimanate-nobody asked you to come here,and your OPINION has been noted-and disgarded….and remember my friend…what goes round-comes round,Karma is a bitch,and that has nothing to do with beleiving in the craft or not…it is a proven fact,so you go girl, bash away…

  3. Julia Meister says:

    Well said my dear Rose.

    Many Blessing )O(

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