Need good bookstores….

Hey rose, See I live in birmingham, in hoover al. I need a good book store to find great occulet books. I tried barnes and nobles and books a million, do you have any ideas.

Hello there dear, So, you are looking for a good bookstore where you can find some great occult books in Birmingham? Well, I am sorry to say that I am not particularly familiar with that area of the country and so I am not particularly familiar with where the bookstores in the area would be either…. But it sounds like you may be on the right track already just by going to some of the local retailers and looking around what they have. A lot of times I have found that when I am browsing around in stores like Barnes and Noble or Books a Million, I will often run into like minded people in what they have in the way of occult and mysticism sections… as well as in the religion and philosophy sections of the store. And well, from there just a few kind or curious words can quite easily strike up a conversation and lead to a potential friendship – which is far more valuable than even the greatest book…. And well, here in the information age we always have access to the ubiquitous resource of the information super highway at our disposal. So, from the internet you can look into finding potential shops in your area that cater to what you are looking for. And well, if you cannot find anything that way, you can always just order books from online.

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  1. Susie says:

    I get all my books from amazon both new and used great selection

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