Odd Dreams and questions….

I have a couple friends that are witches , wiccian. Also my whole life I have been pulled towards the Witch side or ran into witches. My band even did a show for the witches Ball. Anyway. My friend that is a witch told me that I am a natural witch. And My other friends say they see a witches aura around me. Also when I was eight I saw Pan but did not know who he was until I was 14 and at the covet where I had ran away.( I was only gone for the weekend.) My family says it is not good but all our friends are tarot readers or true pyschic. Im confused. Also I had a dream last year in March around the time I was suppose to do the witches ball again. I saw a man and I was in a hotel. there was blood drippin from the walls when he was on top of me. I found out the man is dead and was the writer of the Satan Bible. I believe in God. I use to have dreams that satan was chasing me and tryin to get me to take pills.good and evil ones. the hotel I found was the hotel in the song Hotel california by the Eagles. (on there cd cover) But I had never seen that hotel until after my dream and was researching everything. No one can help me with this. Can you. Please don’t be scared Im just confused and don’t understand where I should be or what is pulling at me.

Hello there my dear, I read through your missive several times and while you ask for help, I am not exactly sure what there is in the way of a question, per se…. You have had some unusual happenings going on in your life and they do seem a bit confused… but well, that really is not a question either…. The closest thing that I can garner to a question is it seems like you are trying to determine whether or not you should pursue the path of becoming a witch… to which I can reply as follows…. Asking how you know if you should be a witch is very similar to asking how you know if you should be a Catholic… or a Muslim… or a member of any other faith or religion for that matter. Which is to say, there is no “witch litmus test” as such, just as there is no “Christianity litmus test”…. Being a witch is a matter of faith and belief, just like with any other system of beliefs. Being a witch is about a lot more than simply casting spells. It is much like any other system of beliefs in that the trappings and rituals are only small portions of the overall whole. And thus, much like taking the Eucharist does not make you a Catholic, intoning a spell does not make you a witch…. Becoming a practitioner of the wise craft requires a very real level of commitment and dedication. It is neither a quick, nor easy road to undertake and I would never suggest it to anyone who is going to take it lightly. So, if you think you might be interested in one of the many belief systems associated with being a witch (I personally am a wiccan) then I would suggest you take the time to do a bit of research and learn a bit about the dogma of the beliefs…. Perhaps look for a bookstore in your local town that caters to such things and go and speak to the people there about their experiences and how they went about finding their faith….

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