Oil and Water

“ok, i am a solitary witch, and my son is 17 he is seeing a girl 15, she is

very sweet, a good girl, and they are good together, they behave, ect. but her mother is a

apostolic, she is a member of the apostolic church, a real nut, she has said things to my son

and her daughetr that she will pray to god to break them up, they will go to hell if they hold

hands or kiss or hug. she goes off on tangents, now she is saying tegh girl cant come over.

also this woman does everyhting this church tells her like paying 10% to 15 % of her weekly

wages to this church, even before paying bills, buying food, ect. she literally forces her

daughter to go to this church twice on sundays, on wed, but she doenst make the 17 year old

sister go, she missed this wed, she called at 8:30 and raised cain. but one incident my son had

went over there place and was talking with the girl, doing nothing wrong, she come flying out

of the bedroom and started cursing at my sone useing the F word, ect. i called her on it, and

told her off, this was 3 months ago. we talked, we agreed to get her daughetrs grades up, she

is now doing that and brought home a A on her essay, the mother really had nothing to stay, no

prasie nothing. she is wanting them to break up. what cna i do to make peace between the

daughter and her mothe ran dhave her mother back off somewhat, i dont want to do anything to

cause harm, to her, the girl oor my son or especially to come back on me. something for her to

be a little more easy on letting her go places with us and quit the harping on this bible

beating, puritanical belief, ect. also i dont think she likes me, cause i am wiccan, and i am

straight foreward and say it like it is. put it this way, her daughter treats and looks at me

more like a mother than her own. my son loves this girl and she him, if they had there way they

would get married right now, but…….age…i even looked into the emancipation aspect, which

is 14 in the state of california, but theres so much red tape and the mother can be a mud

slinging bitch possibly. the thing is the 17 year old gets away with everything, now the oldest

one is 24 and moved out when she was 16, couldnt take the mothers crap. this woman basically

like i said belongs to this church, that has these puritanical ideas like you cnat cut your

hair, cant dye your hair, no jewlery, jeans, makeup, only long dresses or skirts to the ankles,

not kissing, hugging, holding hands till your married, and to top to off she actually beleives

that the medieval period never exsisted, and celtic is evil, and doesnt believe anything in

history, and she has made comments cause my swords on the wall, and my mystic pictures, but i

saw her apt once, she has tiger tapestries on the wall, hippie look decor, and no religious

icons whatsoever, and i dyed her daughetrs hair, she never confronted me, she also buys jeans

for her daughter shich she only owns 3 pairs, and she took her to the swap meet two weeks ago

and bought her hair bands with skulls on them, so what gives, she acts like this holier than

thou bible waiver, but yet there snver groceries in the house, she is mean, and when she is

busy with her church, or friends, she dont bother to call for her daughter. anyway. do you have

advice. thanks much blessed be

Hello my dear,

Well, one of the first steps towards making peace might begin with you being a little less

bigoted against her religion and trying to take the time to understand where she is coming from

- whether you agree with it or not. You being judgmental and using terms like “bible nut” to

describe her really is not going to help the situation any.

In all of your description, I never heard anything about the girl’s father – only the mother.

This would lead me to believe that she is a single parent? If so, this, as opposed to her

religion, may be the driving factor in her concern for her daughter dating your son. She may

have made some mistakes as a young girl herself and now might be worried that her baby girl is

going to end up going down the same path she did. Sometime people try to protect and help those

they love – but they end up doing it in somewhat misguided manners that often causes more harm

than good. This sounds like one of those times.

And well, if this is her youngest, it is not surprising at all that she would be ultra

protective of her. Most parents are that way with their youngest child – it is just a fact of


So, my suggestion would be to try to sit down and talk with the mother. Try to get to know her

and understand where she is coming from and why she acts the way she acts and believes the way

she believes – preferably without the predetermined bigotry against her religious choices.

After all, I’m sure you don’t like it when people think of you as just some crazy pagan….

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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