On homosexuality, love spell and training: Please can you offer advise?

Hi Rose! I’ve been spending a lot of time on your website, because I have become very interested in this religion. I always have been interested in witchcraft, ever since I was young. But then it was all about the spells and magic. Now, at 21, I am returning to it as a religion. But I have a fundamental question. And I think I know the answer, but I would like someone who has been practicing for as long as you have to give me your opinion. I’m a gay man. What are the religion’s views on homosexuality? I’m hoping it will be a non-issue. Ever since I’ve started exploring it and reading about it, I’ve felt, in the most literal since, “down to earth.” I feel more connected to things sometimes, appreciate the smaller things (especially the light of the moon coming through my room last night as I lie in my bed – I found myself whispering to her). I’m hoping that you will tell me that this is part of the religion, this feeling of connectedness, and whether one is gay or not has no effect in the great scheme of things, thus witches, on principle, are accepting of homosexuality. Of course, I know there are social matters and personal opinions, but basically, aside from all my blabbering, the religion as a whole – how does it view homosexuality? I have one more quick question. My boyfriend broke up with me, and the whole thing was very ambiguous. I feel that he still does like me. He is somewhat emotionally immature, and I think honestly scared of commitment. He’s just not ready for an intimate, serious relationship. I’m not blind to relationship matters, I know when things are over. But for some reason, I can’t shake the feeling that we’re supposed to be together and we’re not. I’ve read a lot of questions about how to get boyfriends back… my question more falls along a spell I worked. Well, I guess it was a spell. It was more of a matter of sitting in front of a candle, thinking hard, praying, and then eating an apricot, which I read is a fruit symbolic of love. Anyway, in it, I didn’t ask for him to love me, I didn’t ask for him to come back to me. Goodness, I don’t want him unless it’s by his own accord. However, I did ask that if there be a spark in his heart, to have it be kindled, if there be potential, for him to find courage, but in his own time. And then I read where you said that you shouldn’t cast a love spell with a particular person in mind. So I want to ask, if my intentions are as I said, if that’s what my spell consisted of, is that O.K.? I’m not trying to force him to me, I just don’t want an opportunity to pass. I even have a love interest that I am considering exploring. I just don’t think that anyone could be right for me like he is. Then again, I’m only 21. And also, I didn’t ask him permission to cast the spell, and I read where you said you should have permission (I read these things after the matter). Is this all O.K.? Maybe should I rework the matter, and say if it’s in accordance with the universe, let what happen happen, if it be a possibility in the great tapestry, let that possibility remain, though let it not be forced? I don’t know. I’m new to this, and should probably explore the religion a little more before I move on to casting spells. I just felt urged to do this, and went through with it. It felt to me a bit like praying – I felt the desire to make this connection, so I went with it. O.K. I’ve spent way too much of your time already. I’m sorry, but I do appreciate your time and consideration Also, if you are going to email me – so you don’t have to post this for everyone to see – in which city do you live? I COMPLETELY understand if you don’t want to answer. I’m just curious. I live in the South, in NC, but go to school in RI. I would eventually like to find someone to train/tutor me, but will probably have to wait till I get back to the Northeast. I really am so sorry that this message is so long. Thanks again! P.S. If you don’t mind, I’ll probably be sending you more messages before long. Since I don’t have anyone else to talk to as of now, I probably will have unanswered questions about theology, philosophy, spell casting as a method of practicing the religion, methodology, etc. And might I at some point sent you some book titles I’ve gone through to see if they’re respectable and reputable. It seems that witchcraft is a religion that can be convoluted by some bogus people. That’s why I don’t mind talking to you, because you seem genuine and practical. Thanks!

Merry Meet, Seeker!

Thank you for visiting the web site and for the nice compliments! My site is intended to be helpful and to offer some insight to those who seek answers.

I am going to answer your questions one by one.


I understand why you are asking whether sexual preference is an issue in the Craft. Let me answer you like this: Unlike most religions, the Craft does not have any bias related to gender, sexuality, race, culture, IQ, background, social status etc. It is a religion of respect, acceptance and love for Deity, Nature and all it contains.  

Love Magick

You are very mature for your age and I admire the fact that you already have respect for the workings of Magick and the philosophy behind it. Whilst it is indeed mostly preferable to ask for permission when casting a Love Spell, there are times when one cannot. Asking that he finds courage if courage is an issue and that if there is a spark that it would flame, is also okay. You did not ask for anything that would manipulate his free will. So don’t worry about it any further.


It is important to receive training – be it from a real life tutor or from books. Never force it though. The teacher inevitably appears when the student is ready. I offer an extensive course too – if that appeals to you. You will find it on my site. Take your time in deciding what is best for you.

You are most welcome to post any questions you may have. Sometimes it takes a while for me to answer … there are hundreds of questions posted every month J. I am looking forward to hearing from you again.

Blessed Be!

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