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how can i find other people who practice wicca? i can’t seem to find any wiccan chat rooms. peace Rosie

Hello there Rosie, My short answer to this would be to simply perform a bit of an internet search for like minded individuals within your area. You might be surprised at just how many fellow wiccans / pagans that you will find in any given local…. Perhaps go to Google and enter a few appropriate key words, such as wicca, wiccan, pagan, and the like, along with the name of the are in which you live and you will likely find something within a reasonable distance of yourself. Other good options for meeting people interested in the faith would be to check local colleges and universities to see if they might have student associations or organizations set up to cater to the various pagan religions. Though not everywhere has them, they are becoming more and more common as society slowly steps towards accepting people who believe in non mainstream religions. Another good option is to check out local bookstores. Obviously if there is a specialty shop in your area that caters to practitioners, well, that would no doubt be the best one to try. But sometimes even big chain stores like Barnes and Noble are good places to meet like minded people and to network. Just kind of hang out in the religion section for a bit and see who else is checking out the books on paganism, wicca, and witchcraft.

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