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rose ive been getting your magick mini course and ive enjoyed it. ive been wondering if you have any protection spells that could help me. my boyfriend and i have been together for almost 2 1/2 years and my parents despise him. its taken a lot to keep us together but now my parents are threatening us. theyre doing all they can to get one of us put in jail and theyve even threatened to send me away or shoot my boyfriend if he comes near me or my house. im so scared no one has been able to help me and magick is my only hope. i dont know what to do anymore. i can’t leave because im only 17. ive been hoping my parents would jus get tired of it and kick me out but they wont. now any time my dogs bark at night or someone is around my house or anything happens they blame me and im sick of it i cant live like this anymore. i am deeply in love with my boyfriend so please dont tell me to leave him we’re engaged and im not breaking it off. please help me. thanks.

Hello there my dear,

I am glad to hear that you have a genuine interest in the faith… but also saddened to hear that your family is being so intolerant of something they very obviously do not fully understand….

Unfortunately, so people are just bull headed and stubborn (and maybe more than a little bigoted) in that manner and no matter what you do, they have their beliefs – which includes the “fact” that they are right – and nothing you say or do is ever going to change that….

For others, it is a matter of understanding and education. Their upbringing and previous experiences have taught them one thing… and that one thing may be quite far from anything resembling the truth. And so what they really need is someone to sit them down and explain the way things really are to them….

For your sake and your sanity, we will hope that your family fall into the latter category of the two….

Perhaps showing them the tenants of the Witches’ Rede will help them to understand that what they envision as witchcraft and the modern day reality of the faith are two very different things. That you are not wanting to wear a black pointy hat or ride a broomstick or sacrifice babies to the devil… or anything else of that sort….

Instead, you have a interest in a religion whose core belief is that you should harm no other… which is certainly something I think that the world could use a lot more of these days….

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