Past lives….

i experience deja vu too many times. i also feel out of time and place sometimes every thing seems blurry at night as if im a hollow vessel its like im finding something that doesoent exist but sometimes i find that link but loose it due to my traditional society im from a muslim country.people would think i am crazy but im trapped in a circle of fate.just say im not where im ment to an apostate now is there anything such as a pastlife because i feel i have to do something and that iv lost it

Hello there my dear, Well, my dear, I am sorry to hear that you feel as though you have lost it and that you feel that you are not where you are meant to be. That can be more than a little disconcerting to say the least…. Is there such a thing as past lives? I absolutely believe that there are… and I am far from being alone in said belief. Just take a look at the Hindu religion and the system of reincarnation that they believe that they go through prior to finally ascending and achieving nirvana…. As to the concept of deja vu, let me put this out there for you and see how it might grab you…. In the west we tend to think of time as being very rigid and linear… but that is just one manner by which to view the flow of things. Other cultures tend to view time as a much more cyclical path, often converging and cross back upon itself, thus leading to the impression that we may have done or seen something before and that something that should be new to us instead feels somehow familiar…. So, it sounds to me like your biggest hurdle will be reconciling things that you feel (and possibly know) with the tenants and beliefs of your religion and finding some happy medium in which the two can co-exist.

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