Please cure me and clear my aura chakras

Respected Rose, Will you kindly cure me from the magic spells and clear my aura chakras. I am suffering from ill-health, fatigue, tensions, family disturbance, no growth, no love, wife loving money not me. Please find a true love for me through your magic and open the doors of fortune and good health as I have to live only once. Awaiting to hear from you. Regards Vijay (India)

Merry Meet Vijay, From your message, I can certainly see that you wish to be cured. When it seems like everything and everyone around us let us down, it can be a very perplexing time for anyone. However, the power to cure yourself rests within you. All you need to do is harness it and use it to keep you happy, motivated and thankful for all the joy that comes into your life. Our thoughts maketh our life. If we constantly think and believe that we are unfortunate, then good fortune will certainly avoid us. If we think we are sick, presto! we fall ill. However, a person with a positive attitude that cannot be erased by daily problems can always triumph through the daily struggles. Health problems disappear and our home returns to a happy, joyous, prosperous state. The key to life is knowing that we are powerful. We can change our life in a second. We have a million possibilities every micro-second! That means your life is totally in your hands. Through discussions, negotiations and sacrifices, you can create the dream life you wish to have. You have mentioned that you are suffering from ill health, family disturbance, lack of love and good fortune. Why not use the powerful spirit within you to change all of these problems? Our thoughts instantly change our future. You can see how powerful your spirit is by slowly changing the way you approach things. For example, sit down with your wife and ask her why she needs to spend so much money. She may be depressed or angry and is just trying to drown herself in this addiction. She needs help. Similarly you may need to change your habits to get healthy. Take a walk in the afternoon, avoid unhealthy food, unhealthy thoughts, etc. Your aura will be cleared when you insist on having only positive thoughts. When you get frustrated and begin to think negatively, purposefully go to a space where you can think clearly and switch back to positive thoughts. Remember what Gandhi said ” Be the change you wish to see in this world”! What a powerful quote, indeed. If you lack love, it may be because you forgot to love someone. If you lack money, it may be because you stopped giving charity. What we give will come back three-fold. Only by giving do we really get anything in life. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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