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“hi rose can you tell me what color of the fabric of the poppet magick can i use for contrlling someone?”

Poppets are an extremely potent form of sympathetic magick, as they are made with physical, verbal, and astrological elements.  As I’m certain you’re aware, they may be made of many materials, including fabric, clay, herbs, and even potatoes or carrots.  The important aspects of a poppet lie in three things: the inclusion of personal items (i.e. hair, fingernail clippings, etc) from the individual which the poppet is to represent, the words spoken during and after the Making, and in the particular astrological phase proper for the desired outcome.  The difference in moon phase (i.e. waxing, waning, gibbous, crescent, disseminating, balsamic) will directly affect your outcome, as will the time of month you make your poppet.

The moon completes a revolution around the earth once every 29.5 days, and will pass through each Zodiac sign once during that time.  Different signs are beneficial for different purposes.

While I thank you for entrusting me with this question, I cannot help but wonder how long you have studied Wicca.  Poppets are most commonly used for healing.  Contrary to popular opinion, magick is never used to control another person, and most certainly never a strongly sympathetic magick like that of a poppet.  While you can use spells for positive reasons, the assembly of a poppet makes it physically linked with the subject.  Ethically, you should never ever directly manipulate anyone through this type (or any type) of magick. 

I could perhaps give a better answer to your question if I knew exactly how you meant the word “control.” 

However, poppets are usually used with the complete permission of the person on the receiving end for healing, or other positive outcomes.  Ask yourself if the receptor of this poppet would give you permission to use it in the way you intend.  Or, ask yourself if you would give that individual permission to make a poppet for you in this circumstance.  If the answer to those questions is “No,” then you should rethink this particular idea. 

And, if you should decide to go ahead with this even though it is completely against Wicca….please remember,

“Ever mind the rule of three, Three times what thou givest returns to thee.


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