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Hi Rose I’m 15 and have been studying the history and the meaning of Wicca before I decide anything in concrete, you know, just to be sure, but I have tried a few simple spells, and they have all seemed to work so far :D My question is really trying to get over a guy. I know, it sounds rediculous to be saying this at 15, but, I really fell for him, and like any teenage love story, he left once he got (only part, thank goodness!) what he came for. It’s really had a big effect on my life though, self-confidence about my looks, my attitude towards other guys and just my emotional state in general. I wanted to know, was there a spell, a ritual, anything I could do to try and move past and get on with my life, show him I’m moving on and I dont need him, not that he probably even cares. I have my exams soon and I just need him out of my head and life. Please help if you can! Blessed be x

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is wonderful to hear from a young person such as you with a smart head on your shoulders. I am impressed that already your spells are working. You have an eager spirit and a strong character and so it is easy for you to direct your intentions easily to the Universe. Good for you.
It may not be easy to let go of your ex even though you fell for him when you were so young. Heartaches cannot be measure by any instrument. So do not worry, like everything else, this one also will slowly go away while you move on to other wonderful people. At this age, it is very easy to damage our self-esteem by wondering what we did wrong, or if our looks had something to do with it, etc. However, rest assured that most people endure these things and get over it as life goes on.
Here is a spell that you can work on which is a type of post-breakup cleaning which removes all the negativity surrounding any broken relationship.
Post Breakup Cleansing Spell
For this spell, you will need a whole egg
Step 1: When you go in for a bath, take the egg with you
Step 2. After removing your clothes, wash the outside of the egg to remove debris, etc.
Step 3: Hold the egg like a soap and wash your body, head to toe and outwards from shoulders to fingers, etc.
Step 4: When you feel that you have cleansed your entire body, break the egg and flush it away.
Step 5. Complete your bath as usual.
Now that the egg has absorbed all of the negative emotions that came with this relationship, you will be able to move on without much effort.
Brightest Blessings

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