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hi im wondering if i have magick with in me, like born with it. ive resently started getting into witchcraft because as a kid it always just seemed like it was apart of me. Ususally in anger or when people hurt me do i see stuff to become strangly abnormal. when something terrible is about to happen i can feel it, my body will worn me to the point where it scares my friends, and karma always seems to help me like theres something there thats watching me. I also can feel feelings, if someone is deply sad or in rage etc. i can feel from with in them the emotion and sometimes it will transfer to me. is this normal is there something behind it, or am i just over reacting – violet

Merry Meet Violet,
It is indeed wonderful to hear you who is so young and yet so AWARE. From reading about your experiences, I can see that you have a lot of potential in witchcraft since you have already experienced the wonderful effects of being one with the Universe.
Everyone in the world including humans, animals and all other living, breathing beings in the world as we know it, has some magick in them. By reading and learning more about the wonderful world of spirituality and our own place in it, you can become a very powerful witch who will be there to help those who do no know that they have any powers (sometimes unfortunately due to the influence of certain power-mongering religions) and sometimes due to having no one to guide them.
Humans are powerful beings just as all the animals in the world are. It takes a good spirit to see another. If you focus on the teachings of Wicca and other powerful magickal religions, you can easily increase your power and accomplish a lot in your life.
You are not over-reacting, Violet. You are also psychic since you can easily grasp the “emotion” of a person next to you or maybe like some others, know the average “mood” (happy, sad, so-so) when you enter a room.
Do make a promise to yourself that you will learn more about Wicca and the way of the ancient and wise people who thankfully left us many goodies by the way of “Book of shadows” and other fantastic manuals full of amazing knowledge.
Brightest Blessings

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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