Powers to be a witch

Can you be a witch if you have no powers?

Everyone has mental powers that we may not be aware of. Our experiences are the results of our desires or lack of desire. When we wish for something and work towards it, planning it, getting ready for it, expecting it and behaving as though it has already happened, we are actually guiding our destiny.

The first thing you need to do if you want to be a witch is to read about the human mind and its powers. Most of us have about the same “powers” which may help us create our future. People fall into depression thinking that they are powerless to change the course of their lives, but what they need to know is that they have the key to immense happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

When you make a birthday wish or throw a penny into a pond to make a wish come true, you are using your inborn ability to inspire and direct the energy that creates the world as we know it. When you write down a goal, plan towards it and then believe that it has happened, don’t be surprised when most of your wishes come true. True wishes along with determined effort and unswayable faith can move mountains!

Train your mind to guess the outcome of events, such as who is on the line when the phone rings or who in the airport gate will be your co-passenger on the plane. You can also guess the times when your lover or friend thinks about you and if you concentrate well, you can actually send her/him a message too.

Sometimes when I want my husband to stop working and come upstairs from the basement, I just think very hard about him coming up the stairs and concentrate on his image long enough. Most of the time, I can hear his footsteps coming up the stairs in a matter of minutes.

In a similar way, we can use spells to indicate our intentions and send messages to the universal energy that creates everything in our life from Tsunamis and hurricanes to the latest football scores. They just don’t happen. It’s the positive or negative energy that is accumulated and send forth or pushed into the stream that may sway our destiny in the direction that we choose.

So don’t believe that you have no powers, but in fact, believe you have them and find ways to improve and strengthen them so that you can become a wonderful, wise witch!

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

5 Responses to “Powers to be a witch”

  1. sheena says:

    i want to know how can i loose weight fast i am 24 and nice looking but i am very overweight i need help bad please!

  2. sheena says:

    Hey rose what does it mean when jars of water is built behind the walls in a house is it some kind of magic to keep away evil spirits my grandmother died she owned the house it has been there since the 1900s she said that it was a man to visit her there and he looked like he had been in water for a long time my grandmother has passed now but i am very curios

  3. emilee says:

    Hello Rose i really want to help the world and become a wise witch. I need some help please?

  4. sierra says:

    this year i am home schooled and it is teacher my dad doesn’t teach me, i have teachers but it is all online. in my room i feel like i am cut off form the world. my bff is doing her thing and i have no one else i know it is temporary ill be in a public school next year but i feel useless. And, supposedly, her ansisters were wiches. i don’t feel special and being special is all i want even if im the only one that knows it.
    I gess my question is dose witchcraft make you feel special.

  5. Joanna says:

    Sierra everyone is special and has abilities you are special and unique in your own way I have felt isolated as well sometimes, and in some cases I have isolated myself because of my own fears and depression issues but it is important to know that you are special no matter what you choose to do. If you choose to become a witch then it may open many doors for you and give you better purpose and satisfaction with yourself and with your life.

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