Practices losing their magick?

My question is: Is some of the practices that I have read over the years in new books being printed on witchcraft and magick a lesser meaning that it was years ago?

Greetings! The older spells and practices were more restricted. The rules were more rigid as the religion continued to evolve in secrecy. The spells were also written in a more traditional language giving it a serious, “old world style”. As Wicca evolved and was accepted by more and more people whose backgrounds were as diverse as the religions they were raised in, Witchcraft assumed the nature of a more general population. The names of Goddesses and Gods changed or were completely removed ( some people would rather use the Elements or Planets or just their own Spirits) as the guides for their spells. A religion will not survive if it stays rigid. It has to evolve with the times and the direction our spirits choose to take it. As we all know, there is nothing wrong in creating our own spells in our own languages. After all, it is not in the words, but in the depths of our emotions and spiritual powers (as we chant those words ) that nature finds the urge to manifest our creation. So do not be disappointed by the simplicity of today’s rituals and spells. They are effective so long as your intentions are pushing them into the Cosoms as you wish. They will be guided into creation by nature depending on how strong your visualizations are and how deep your magickal belief is. Lets all enjoy the fact that the Wiccan religion is spreading fast and that ignorance is slowly being banished from many parts of the world as more and more people unite in peace and harmony. Blessed Be!

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