Prerequisites for Wicca

I have traced my family back and a lot of my relatives were masters of hex. but the relatives that remember that part of my family said they practiced black magick. Not all were bad some used the hex’s and the power of god to heal and do a lot of good.I feel that i have the gift that the past members of my family had. But when my parents found out i had there gift they said i couldn’t use it or practice it becuase so many in my family used it for evil. Would Wicca be a good way to use my gift for the right reasons like healing and other things, like my family that practiced healing did.

Greetings! I can feel the disappointment that you experienced when your paretns said that you should not practice magick. It can be very upsetting to hear that. However, there is no pre-requisite or rules for anyone to be follow the way of the Wicca. You will be happy to know that Wiccans are not judgemental at all and anyone who is interested in the magickal ways of the Wicca can become part of this religion. In Wicca, we believe that we get what we give. If we use our life for positive accomplishments, we reap its benefits in positive ways, as good karma. If we hurt others or assist in rituals meant to hurt others, we will get the negative results three fold. The three fold Law exists in most nature religions. Very few dare to cross that threshold into what is called Black Magick. And they do it at their own peril. Their children or other progeny are not responsible for their actions. So you need to understand that you are in no way responsible for what your ancestors did.. You have to learn to trust your instincts (such as this one) and follow your own chosen path. If that includes changing your life to the ways of Wicca, to help others and yourself in healthy, constructive, positive ways, then SO SHALL IT BE! Go forth and enjoy the results of your goodwill by helping and healing others as you wish. Blessed BE!

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