Problem with building energy for a spell

i am haveing a small problem working with building energy and keeping up my shield for longer than a few minutes. do u have ne ideas? thank you and bb

Merry Meet Seeker, Many of us have experienced days when our energy is just doesn’t enough to create our intentions and make our spell-working successful. Here are some reasons why our energy gets depleted: Magickal energy radiates in almost all things on Earth. Some objects are known to be sources of increased energy and power. Examples of items that increase the magickal energy include Roses, Frankincense and Wild Syrian rue. Certain places are also filled with powerful energy such as near the Ocean, the foot of a mountain, in caves, in a natural forest or near a flowing River. If we are inside a home or any type of building, we have energy thresholds where doors, windows, skylights etc are built. Crossroads are believed to be the place where multiple forces meet. Energy is believed to be liberated and exchanged at the Crossoroads. If we are working on a spell indoors, the energies inside the home certainly affect the outcome of the spell. There are many ways to cleanse the area and shut it off from external forces before you start working on the spell or ritual. Methods of cleansing include using a besom, lighting incense with special herbs, lighting a candle dressed with strong essential oils. A good, warm, cleansing bath with herbs and essential oils can do wonders for the spell. Cleansing the entire area of the altar is recommended if you have trouble holding up your circle. Meditation also cleanses your mind. So try to keep up your mediation rituals to go beyond 15 minutes or so that we usually take. The stronger your mind gets, the more effective it will be when it comes to building up energy. Also, reading a spiritual book can get your energy level up and keep it at an equilibrium for a long time. It is when our mind gets distracted that our energy gets dispersed. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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