Protect member of family from evil energies

Hi Rose, I want to thank you for takeing the time to read my question.Its about my Familuare.Is there a spells that i can cast to ask for justic to be done for someone bringing harm to my Familuare?Just the people involed with harming her.I only seek justic for her. thank you

Greetings! I am glad that you know about the Witchcraft pledge of not harming anyone. However, as you correctly mention, we can always protect ourselves and people we love. And you can always work a spell entrusting the Universe to send all the negative energies directed against one person back to their source. Just make sure that your Familuare knows that you are working this spell on her behalf. For this, try to get a white candle and some incense (your favorite is fine). After a nice, relaxing bath, sit down in front of your altar and meditate on your strengths and blessings. The more positive you are, the stronger your mind will become. As we meditate deeper, our mind goes into areas we have never “seen” before. It is at this point of altered consciousness that we are able to communicate with the energies who can help us. Light the candle and the incense. Sit for some time in the glow of peace and contentment. Think of your Familuare and imagine a strong cocoon or shell like structure around her. See her sitting in a safe place away from all worries and problems and smiling contentedly. Visualize the strong cocoon of safety that she is sitting in and imagine all the evil energies being redirected to the people who are sending them. Now think of another layer of protection around her. This one has thorn like structures outside of it that will bounce away all negative energies that come to touch this covering. This shield deflects all the evil energies right back at their source. Chant: Evil send must not come to rest Reflect it back to who knows best Energy spent for evil and bane, Go back now from whence you came! Repeat this spell as often as needed. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings!

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  1. PENELOPE says:

    “….Visualize the strong cocoon of safety that she is sitting in and IMAGINE ALL THE EVIL ENERGIES BEING REDIRECTED TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SENDING THEM….”

    ….if in weaving magick, there should be NO HARM DONE, how come the above quoted statement inflicts BACK the harm that the doer did to that person? (SEE THE QUOTED STATEMENT ABOVE IN BOLD LETTERS )

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