Protection Bath Spell

can you give me a magic spell

Merry Meet Seeker,
Protection spells prevent and repel danger so that there is a protective aura around the person. Here is a protection spell for you.

Protection Bath Spell
This bath will repel malevolent magick (thoughts) that is aimed at you, repairs a damaged aura and also helps to create a magick protective shield around you.

For this spell, you will need the following items: Five bay laurel leaves (dried or fresh), one cup of sea salt, five limes, vinegar, spring water, any charged water, rose hydrosol or rose water.

Step 1: Prepare a warm bath.
Step 2: Add the salt and the bay leaves to the bath.
Step 3: Now cut and squeeze all the limes into the water. Throw in the squeezed lime rinds also into the water.
Step 4: Add the a splash of vinegar, spring water and rose water or rose hydrosol into the bath water.
Step 5: Now enter the water gently. Sit down and submerge completely if you can. Do it five times.
Step 6: Rube your body with the limes and cleanse your entire body as long as you are in the tub.
Step 7: Stay in the tub while you drain the water.
Step 8: Allow yourself to air dry (still in the tub) sitting down in the midst of all the limes and leaves.
Step 9: When you are ready to leave the bath, collect all of the items and discard it in a flowing river.
Repeat this whenever you feel like your energy is depleted.

Brightest Blessings

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