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Well….after the leaving the military i asked the gods and goddesses for guidance and shortyl after the police force asked me to help them to bring the drug dealers down in the area…i was quite surprised of the situation but i thought it was a sign from the gods and godesses….now it has foiled in my face and ive got these dealers after me trying to kill me…..i need some kind of protection spell immediately…if you could help id appreciate it

Merry Meet. We have to believe that everything happens in life to make us stronger. Now you are faced with a dilemma; Be confident that the power of Nature is with you. One of the ways in which life works is by returning the results of what we have put in to it. A military is not the best place to create good karma. Conflict will always be there in the world, but it is time for us to find non-confrontational ways of achieving peace in this world. Nature tends to bless those who always work for the cause of peace and love. This may sound like such a cliche, but that is the true essence of life. Every person is valuable and just because we don’t agree with them does not mean that we can hurt them. Nowadays, however, many of us don’t get a chance to say No to the military. So if you have not hurt anyone intentionally, you don’t have anything to worry about. Here is a spell for you to protect yourself and find peace within you: Gather the following: Hematite beads Essential oil of Elemi and Frankincense mixed in with jojoba oil (or any protection oil) Elastic thread 1 white candle Hematite is under the dominion of Mars, the ruler of iron and protector of war and warriors. Let this magickal stone heal your mind and protect you forever. On a new moon day, sit by the altar or any sacred space after a long, warm bath. Meditate on everlasting peace on Earth. Light the white candle .Let your mind stay on the beautiful silence that surrounds us all. Listen to the silence, understand its power and bask in its glory. Take each hematite bead in your hand, anoint it with the protection oil and chant: Hematite, stone of protection, guard me day and night! Now add the stone to the elastic thread. Repeat for all stones until you have a bracelet that goes perfectly around your wrist. If the beads are large, use two strands of elastic thread so that it will not break. If there are too many stones, remove some of them. This bracelet may be worn of carried in a pocket wherever you go. If you plan to carry it in your pocket, you can also use just three stones and enclose them in a pouch. When you feel afraid, just repeat the above chant. Anoint the beads with the protection oil once a week. Be Strong! Brightest Blessings!

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