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I am a mother of five children. my oldest daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia bipolar disorder at age 16. My oldest son was doing so well he was a good kid played every sport and he graduated this year and was also baptized on easter sunday. Then the worst started happening a month ago, he is displaying the same symptoms as my daughter, the schizophrenia hearing voices and talking to himself, i don’t know what happened, i feel some foul play is going on. Is there a spell to find out if someone has put this on my family. i just can’t believe i could have to schizophrenic children one right after the other. Please help. Or is there a spell to reverse what is going on and the person who is doing this let there be no harm but not let them hurt me or my family again. Please help!

Merry meet Seeker,
I am sure it is difficult to hear that two of your children have schizophrenia bipolar disorder when they are so young. This is the age when this disorder is usually diagnosed. Sometimes one or more parents may have the gene responsible for it. Sometimes it need not be hereditary. However, there is so much information on it now that many people are aware of it and can easily take the precautions necessary to have a good, happy life.

Here are some spells that will help you when are upset of afraid. Psalms have amazing protective capacity. Psalm 19 is believed to be anti-demon, anti-evil an danti-danger psalm.

When you begint to worry, begin readign from Paslm 1 adn contiue until you are tired. When you next pick up the Book, continue through the psalms until they are exhausted.Then start the cycle again.

If you get interrupted while you are chanting the psalms, note the wording where it was interrupted and pay attention to the meaning of those words. These words may indicate a clue as to how to heal your home and children.

For protection against dangers including spiritual and human attacks, Psalm 23 is very effective. Read it as soon as you wake up and also Recite Psalm 104 before you fo to bed at night.

Many families are dealing with this difficult condition. Although this condition has been around since life began, only recently has it been diagnosed and ways found to make the patient comfortable enough to enjoy life normally.

Brightest Blessings

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