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Hello! My name is Lina and i saw your site on google. I am in need of your help i have a gift i see thing before they happen and know that you must get things like this all the time, but with me it’s diffrent i don’t know how they just are. This is where it gets mad i have i should not call it a power really anyways if i tell someones foutne they always came true. plases help i don’t know what to do? Blessed be

Dear Lina,

You seem have wonderful psychic abilities!  If you are interested in sharpening your skills and becoming a psychic, you can help a lot of people in life. Professional psychics are known to help solve crimes, assist people in their searches for lost love and allow families to get closer by reaching out to each other.

So if you would like to become better at being a psychic, then try the following:

·         Try to guess who in the bank will be serving you when you are standing in line to be served.

·         When the phone rings, guess who is at the other end

·         Periodically, try to guess what your best friend is doing and try to find out if that is what they did.

·         When you hear of crimes, see if you can imagine the crime being committed and any clues if you can see them.

·         Take a deck of playing cards and try to guess the suit of the card that is picked randomly. As you get better, try to guess the exact card.

·         Forecast the future for your friends and see what percentage of it comes true.

With each of the above, practice makes perfect. So find out if your chances are improving as you focus more and more on practicing your skills.

Everyone has psychic powers but most people are not focused on achieving any great potential using these powers.  You can, however, reach beyond normal abilities and learn to communicate with the spiritual realm. Meditation helps to calm our mind so that we become aware of our infinite possibilities. Always remember to use your psychic powers only for the good of all living beings.

Wish you the best on your fascinating journey into the psychic realm.

Peace be with you!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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