Quick Spells and Good Tenants….

“I need a quick spell to get a good tenant in a unit I own in Baltiore MD. I need the person to contact me tomorrow at the latest and be a good tenant I did the money spell but there has to be a better way I have been trying for months.”

Well, the best way I can think of to get a good tenant for the unit you own in Baltimore would be to make sure to advertise said unit in venues that would likely be frequented by the type of tenant that you are hoping to attract. So, look for newspapers and magazines and web sites and such that are read by the type of clientele you would like to have living there. As far as needing them to contact you by tomorrow – well, I think I can safely say that unless you just get incredibly lucky, that is not how it works. Generally the universe does not respond well to man-made deadlines – and more often than not I think you will find that it can be pretty stubborn when you get impatient and try to push it around like that. In fact, it is my experience that it can be a lot like a stubborn person, in that the more you push and demand, the more it is going to dig in its heels and do the exact opposite of what you really want. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait. So, just try to relax and make sure you are doing all the things you can do to make it happen – and before you know it, things will swing your way.

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