A Few Real Witch Spells For Free

Before Casting These Free Witch Spells, You Must Become A “Witch”

When you decide to embark on your Magick path to get the life you have always wanted – you must dedicate yourself to that path. You must believe that the path you are about to take is the right one for you.

Without dedication and belief, you are destined to fail not only with Witchcraft, but with anything you do in life. (and your spells will be “hard pressed” to work)

A “self dedication” is a ritual you will do, no matter what branch of Witchcraft you decide to follow. Not only will this Magickal ritual reinforce your dedication, but it will also increase your own belief in your path through Magick. And it is important to go through this before casting the free witch spells.

The result? In the single moment you finish your self dedication, you will forever create a bond with Magick energies of the universe – and your power to control them will strengthen. Your spells will gain in power.

You see, witchcraft is a personal expression of your inner self, your beliefs, and your chosen essence of spirituality.

Not only with a properly done self dedication (by “properly done”, I mean doing it for the right reasons, and having your highest emotions ready to envelope your aura with full dedication, belief, and understanding) strengthen your power when controlling Magick energies, but it will bind you to your chosen deities – increasing your connection with them.

I apologize that I cannot take you through the steps to do your own “self dedication” into the world of Witchcraft in this book. I almost “caved in” and decided to put some easy to follow steps here, but then I realized something.

It is so important to perform your self dedication with the proper focus and emotion. To just read the steps off of a page, or computer screen, will not give you enough information to do it right…

More important than the steps you’d follow on this site, is the emotion, the way you speak, and your body language. That’s why I have decided to leave the steps out of this site. However, the full step-by-step guide and full video demonstration of your self-dedication ritual can be found in my Witchcraft Academy. Not only will I take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do, but you will also discover the secret to having the right focus and emotion during your dedication – so that your first steps into a Magick world – where anything is possible – are the right ones. It helps to “be” a witch for your spells to work.

I sincerely apologize for not including the steps on this site, but I care too much about making sure you get it right. I don’t want to risk you leaving out a few key things, and then giving up on Witchcraft all together because your spells don’t work. I will, however, give you access to my free witch spells – they are harmless (even if you haven’t done the witchcraft ritual of self dedication).

If you are serious about going down your Magick path – a path of surprise love, a flow of incoming wealth, and a life of safety and protection – then you really need to consider trying my full Witchcraft Home Academy In-A-Box. I promise that you’ll look back on your decision to get it – a year from now – and wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t made the lucky decision to discover it’s secrets. They really will change your life.

Ok, enough of that. On to the next section, which is sure to answer some questions you have about Witchcraft Rituals.

But before you go on, just go here to get the real witch spells. (free of charge!) ;)

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  4. mikey says:

    Hey Melanie I understand even if u don’t believe me try this when u start to feel as hopeful think of the good u can do, don’t let some stupid site get u down there are a lot of what’s the word sharks out there ready to just find a smaller fish to eat but believe that u r better then them in knowing what’s right and not some thing just to get a quick buck, this site helps a lot of people and maybe it can help u to so don’t stop believing.

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  10. Halk Vurl says:

    Thank you for the information provided.

  11. Hola, me interesa bastante este tema y toda esta info me viene de maravilla, gracias…

  12. alisha says:

    how should i get a wand nd frm where??
    to become a witch nd caste spells
    plz telll me
    plzzzzzzzzz me
    m waiting for ur reply

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