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My friend always teases me and I don’t know what to do about it. can you send me a realization Spell or how about making him naked spell?

Bright Blessings!  I had to chuckle at your second suggestion; I can think of MANY people I’d like to do that to!  However, things like that are best left in the realm of imagination.  (Still, thinking of the Commander in Chief suddenly conducting a news conference in the buff never fails to make me smile.)

I wish I knew what type of teasing your friend is doing.  Do you mean comments about your choice of Wicca as a religion, or teasing about other things?  Regardless, there are some things in common with both, so let’s talk about those.

Generally, when someone you care about is saying things which are bordering on unkind, they just do not realize how they are making you feel.  Have you spoken with your friend about your feelings?  If not, that’s the place to start.  Education on the topic of Wicca can also help explain many things.  Does your friend understand that Wiccans have very little to do with pointy hats and brooms, and much to do with considering the consequences of every action taken.  If this does not do the trick, then here’s a Realization Spell.  Just look into your own heart, before casting, and make sure that your desire is to help your friend become a better, more caring person, and not merely to make them hurt.

Figure out what day/aspect of the moon will give you the best results, then cast your circle.  Light an altar candle.  Write the name of the person who has hurt you and a list of things said and/or done on paper.  Light the the paper with the altar candle, and drop into your cauldron/vessel.  When the ashes are cool, hold the ashes in your right hand, stand in front of the altar and say

“Wolf and horse, old signs of might, Lend you strength to me this night.

The pain and grief they so easily give, Must be returned so they might live.

To know and feel what they have done, And change their ways with harm to none.

Send back the pain, teach them this night, Help them do what they know is right.”

Release the ashes from your hand by throwing them to the winds, believing that this person will now realize what they have done. 

Blessed Be,


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