Reasons why a spell won’t work

Merry Meet! I have been studying Wicca and practicing for about 5 years now- and one day I stumbled upon your 7 day mini course. First I wanted to thank you for your wonderful work and giving me some of the tips I needed to really make something out of it. The only problem I seem to have is that whenever I do a ritual or spell- etc…. to help a friend or someone in need it works- but when I try to use it for anything else, ( like health, or money) it doesn’t. I was hoping that maybe you could give me some tips on why it never works for me. Brightest Blessings, and thanks again for everything. Tricia

Merry Meet Tricia, I am really proud to hear that your spells, meant to help your friends, work so well! This means that your intentions are benevolent and powerful. Before you do any spell, this is the checklist that you need to go through: 1. What do I wisht to achieve with this spell? 2. What would I like to prevent from happening? 3. What are my secret desires? 4. What are my deepest fears? The more clearly you state your desires and the more strongly you articulate (and visualize) your goal for the spell, the more powerful and effective the spell will be. In your heart if you feel that you have enough money or that your illness is “oh, not so bad and it will go away on its own”, then your spells may not be as powerful as someone who has a debilitating disease and have small children who will be orphaned if they die. Imagine their grief and longing for the disease to go away? The yearning, the intention comes from a very deep place in their consciousness, something that we cannot imagine when we are reasonably happy and healthy. So keep helping others and one day, when you really need the help, you will find that all your spells work without much effort on your part. Items such as incense, candles, gemtones, etc work for specific purposes, only if your heart believes that you really, really need it. You may be one of those benevolent people who like to give and give, but when it comes to you, you may be okay with the way the world is. If you are frustrated with the way your spells for yourself are unsucessful, try being more specific. Ask for a certain sum of money for a reason (to buy a gift for yourself is OK) and you will see it work. Or you can ask that your illness vanish in a certain time. The more specific and stronger the intention, the more successful it will be. You have a kind heart. The Universe will always respond to you! Hope this answers your question. Blessed Be. Rose.

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