Recurring Dreams….

I keep on having these same dreams over and over again. I am in a dark hall-way facing north. There is a door in front of me, it is blood-red door with black vines heading south-east to north-west. The door handle is gold, with a little bit of silver in it. I walk through the door and there is a circle of flames. I try to resist walking into the flames. Next minute a person comes up to me and asks me nicely not to go into the flames. The person looks like a white shadow with wings. The another person comes up to me and whispers into my right ear “come with me my dear, my dear Jasimine.’ I felt a chill when the other person whispered to me. The secound person i did not notice anything but it’s beautiful blood-red eyes. I then look at the first person and walked away with the secound person into the flames. Once in there the first person glidded into the flames and tired to bring me out of the circle of flames. I resisted and next minute I had a jaggard knife and stabbed the white angel. I then fall to the ground and the secound person comforts me with a warm hug. Then I felt a cold shiver down my spine and wake up from my dream. The reason I am telling you my dream is because I would like to know if it is to do with anything with my past or something. This dream haas been happening since the year before I started using magic, which has been 8 years. I have stopped using magic now becuase I hoped this dream would of gone away, but as you see it has not. So thank you for your timew reading this and hopefully I’ll hear from you soon. Your’s Faithfully, Jasimine Nicole Bright

Hello there Jasmine, Well my dear, that is quite some dream you have there. Sounds like it is more than a little bit scary and disturbing, to say the least…. From a strictly psychological stand point it seems to me that you are grappling with a bit of a personal crisis of faith stemming from a fear that your decisions are leading you down the wrong path and that they will ultimately prove to be your undoing. The metaphors you use are quite obviously drawn from the Christian iconography of the angel and the demon… somewhat akin to the two versions of the conscience sitting on your shoulders… both whispering in your ear… both trying to lead you down the path that suits them the best…. But, at the end of the day, it is us… each and every one of us… that is ultimately responsible for ourselves. We make the decisions… we pay our money… we take our chances…. And so, at some level it seems that you are unconsciously unhappy with some of the decisions that you have made and your subconscious is manifesting this anxiety by way of your dreams. So, the obvious first step would be to determine what the source of this anxiety is and where it stems from…. I would suggest looking back at what was going on around the time that these dreams started and see if you can’t cut to the heart of the issue in that manner….

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