Removing a curse….

I fear that a friend turned enemy may have put a curse on me to never find love. I don’t know if this exists, as I am not really familiar. I do know that she was involved with Magick through a Wiccan friend and mentioned a curse. How do I lift this curse?

A Spell to Counter Another’s Magic If, for some reason you believe that another person is using magic in order to adversely affect you in some way, you can make use of this simple spell to remove their negative influences. What you will need: Two teaspoons of almond oil Rosemary essential oil A mixing bottle A sheet of white paper A black ink pen A white altar candle A purple taper candle A fireproof bowl Place three drops of the rosemary essential oil and the two teaspoons of almond oil in the mixing bottle. Charge the mixture by rolling the bottle between the palms of your hands, focusing your thoughts on the purpose of your spell-weaving as you do so. Set this aside. Light the white candle, focusing on the flame. As you do this envision whomever is responsible for the negative influence upon you growing smaller and smaller within the confines to the flame. Anoint the purple candle with the charged oils, drawing the oil away from you as you do so. This will help to redirect the negative influences away from you as well. Now set this candle aside. On the white paper write the words, “All blocks are now cast aside.” Fold the piece of paper in half three times. Now light the purple candle and use its flame to set fire to the folded paper. Place the lit piece of paper into the fireproof bowl. Focus on the flames, repeat the following aloud three times: “As this paper burns away, Elements please hear me pray, Turn back the ill will sent to me, And send it on its way.” As the flame dims, see the ill dissolving with them, then bring the session to an end by dousing smothering the flame the rest of the way.

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  1. Kim says:

    Thank you for this! Too often I hear that curses aren’t real, that the way to counter a curse is to be optimistic and work to increase one’s self-esteem etcetera. But I have good self-esteem, and I’ve always been a highly optimistic person – yet all these negative things have been going on in EVERY area of my life for a few years and no matter how hard I work, how optimistic, how much effort I put into improving circumstances so that they can at least be what they once were I have been completely blocked. THANK YOU so much for validating that curses are real, and that there is a way to get rid of them. I can hardly wait to try this.

  2. uwaise says:

    one day one of ma frend cursed me and said dat he dreamed about police catching me den it happen and caught me but i was innocent adn and i proved it and dey let me free..

    and afterwords i knew dat da frend who dreamt has a family backgound of witchcraft and his grandparents had done evil things.. nw iam scared beacuse what ever i do is not getting in success…. iam just badly worried many problems are occuring to me in which iam not a part or which i have no idea about… please help me…

  3. sara says:

    i think someone may have put a curse on me and i have no idea what kind of curse it could be i dont even know the guys real name who did it but i need to know if i can have it lifted without even knowing what it is it all started when someone in a chat room got mad at me n said some very odd things and ended by saying u better watch how u talk 2 me or next time i will put a curse on you n before i got a chance 2 read that message i blocked him and reported him so i have no way of finding him now to find out if he did or what kind of curse it was is there any way you can help?

  4. dawn says:

    dear rose,i have emailed you i nee your help desperatley,iv had a course put on me for well over 6years now,i felt the curse hit me a big black cloth shot in my face from that moment on wards my life has changed,im depressed,and i have nasty spots on my body there like burns,allways leave scaring,nothing works for me in lif,im constantly struggling,i also have a spirit that hurts me and holds me down,i want 2 three of this i want to be me again,plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz help me.thank youxxx

  5. david says:

    also,i have read your curse removal,but don’t know how to say those words you spoke of that I have to say.How do I read them?Are they in some sort of code?

  6. Robin says:

    I have an old curse placed on me and my friend. What I have been told is that there was a gentlemen who placed a curse on the neighborhood we grew up in that effects everyone in the neighborhood. How do I remove this curse as I do not know his name, or any information on him other then why the curse was paced, and the neighborhood is on Indian burial grounds.

  7. Charlessia says:

    hi i am a young lady and someone in my family has used witchcraft against me and it is really ruining my life and i feel unexpected pains in very unusual areas, if you can help me please send me an email to break the curse immediately thanks

  8. Nirmala George says:

    hi i am a middle aged lady and someone in my family has used to do something against me and it is really ruining my life and i feel unexpected pains in left side of my stomach, and my children everyday sick, if you can help me please send me an email to break the curse thanks

  9. karl says:

    i beleive i have a curse or perhaps many curses on me and my family what can i do to stop them or reverse them it has been going on for some time and i am just realizing it thanks for your attention into this as i am at wits end with it

  10. karl says:

    how can i be sure that the casters are the ones that put curse on me as it could be a friend or a jelous family member or their mates and their families

  11. Char says:

    I’m really scared. I’m a Christian in Spirit. My sister julie. She lived in our house for a few months. Trying to help her a bit. Short story. She and her daughter. Hard to explain. So I won’t. One day before she left I was watering Spring plants. She was on the porch out of nowhere. A friend was there and asked, what happened to your plants? The leaves were dying already. I looked up and Julie said, It’s gonna get worse. She would whisper with her daughter at kitchen table while I was just quietly eating cereal. It was weird. then one morning she whispered that I should forget about my husband and join the sisterhood. She goes to a place called the Purple Door. Ever since my life has changed. My kids turned agianst me, my husband lost his job. Thank you Lord he has one. But out of state. Everything has been breaking. I’ve been keeping up with it. Thank you lord. but it doesn’t stop. I believe she put a curse on me. I felt it and so did my friend that day. When she moved out she had about 5 garbage bags and smelled like rotting meat. I wish I could explain better. I thought my prayers and faith would rebuke it. My love for everyone. I feel like I’m under attack all the time now. Almost afraid to talk to anyone. They turn on me out of the Blue. I feel like I’m going crazy.

  12. rita says:

    Hi I have a serpent biteing me every day for the past 8 year every thing is going down in my life I lost my job my love life is no good I have no money I am so alone I have picture to show the bite on my body every where every day I am feeling so weak and sick I am tired of this I just feel like gaving

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