Rice Protection Spell

My wife to be, is traveling a lone & it seams no matter what she does !! She gets into trouble. Now ,stuck in England all a lone. Untill we can come up with some funds . My question ? will protection really help ?She started her journey home ,from April ? And its like one wall after another ! I still have hope but its taking very long . I ,we need help . niki a friend

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is very difficult to travel when our journey seems to be full of problems. In many countries, they begin travel only on certain days, certain times and so on. However, most of us do not have the luxury of choosing such appropriate timings and go along with it.
One thing that people can do when they are planning a journey is to carry something lucky with them. It can be an ancient amulet or bracelet the family has had for a while, it can be some mantra or chant that helps them when they find barriers to their travel or it can be some sort of mojo bag filled with a variety of assorted lucky charms.
Since your wife-to-be in already on her way, the best thing to do is go contact her and ask her to get one grain of uncooked rice from somewhere. A handful of rice is enough. Rice offers many gifts such as fertility, prosperity and protection.
Here is a spell for her that she can do with one grain of rice.
Rice Protection Spell
For this spell, you will need one grain of rice, the bigger the better. Also needed is a small needle or any sharp instrument, the smaller the better.
Step 1: Using the sharp instrument of the needle, make a special symbol on the rice grain. It may be a cross symbol or the OHM symbol or a Wicca symbol. The more care you take to make this symbol, the better protection you will have on your journey.
Step 2: Carry it in your purse or a small bag wherever you go.
Hope this helps your wife-to-be to come home safe to you as soon as possible.
Brightest Blessings

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