Rose, can I have your phone number?

hi rose, i have been emailing since long time but in vain.. i followed your mini magick course n i practice witchcraft. u helped me a lot to improve my knowledge.. god bless you for that.. is there any way i can contact you, a personal adress mail or a phone number?? i have many things to ask you but its private.. i need your help on many things in my life.. please email me back. its a pleasure knowing u. ur a great teacher i must say. lots of love god bless you akira eternity

Merry Meet Seeker,
I feel very grateful that so many of you follow me through the internet and other avenues. Since I am a mother and wife and have a wonderful vocation, my life is very hectic. As you can understand, every day is filled with cooking, cleaning, getting the children to school and back as well as helping them in their home work and other preparations for school.
In addition to all this work, I do write my articles and also answer as many questions as I can on my sites:
Through these outlets, I listen to everyone who need to contact me.
If you to through these above links you will find an answer to almost everything you are worried about. Just spend a few minutes reading the questions and answers and you will find many ways to heal yourself. If you need an answer to question that is not included in these sites, go ahead and ask the question at
I hope you can understand why it is so difficult for me to give one-on-one answers to all of your questions. I am sure that with the help of Wicca, all of you will have wonderful lives. Many of you may also become healers so that we can all help save our planet from poisons such as chemicals, pesticides and gene-tweaking of Mother Nature herself.
As we get more aware of the beauty of our planet and the ways in which we can improve the current scenario, our world will return to the way it was before Man found ways to destroy it. Let us do our part to take care of the environment, our animals, birds and all other living things along with the human race as a whole.
That will be our legacy for our children. As the quote goes “This world is not ours to keep, it is one that we have borrowed from our children”.
Brightest Blessings

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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