Rose, why don’t you convert?

HI Rose!! I am A servant of god and i don’t believe in magic or witchcraft at all no offense …but i can really suggest you that magic relates to satanism and all your doings consist of satans work….Go back to god…!!! don’t take the wrong path…If you become a muslim there are many islamic magic you can use and i can guarantee you this works more than your witchcraft…Don’t need candles at all or magic books…they are all provided in the Quran… its verses are really enchanted…if you don’t believe me than try this: when you get hurt or pain has occur say this 3x “In the name of Allah My Lord The most Gracious The most Merciful I seek Refuge From Thee To banish My Pain Forever” Amen. then blow on the pain…If you really look forward to it then it works..otherwise no…Sorry For this Bullet Message…..

Merry Meet Friend, I am very happy to see that you are so concerned about me. Just as you respect your religion/faith/way of life, there are billions of others who are capable of choosing their spiritual paths. Each path has its problems as seen by people of other faiths. If all of us Earth inhabitants take a step back and look at how these religions were created and for what reason, we will understand that all religions have failed to bring back peace on Earth and that what these messiahs teach may require a thorough enquiry before falling for it. For example, some religions ask people to kill in the name of God! Why would God want his own creation to be killed? The more we fight about which religion is better, the more we cause wars, anguish, hatred and death of our own sisters and brothers. Remember, there was only one religion (Witchcraft) for a long time until these warring religions were created by MAN. Who can say that a person born in India does not know more about God than a person born in America? Religions are powerful because the “followers” of these messiahs swallow their words line, hook and sinker without using their own brains to find out why people are successful and happy without this particular religion. The concepts of Hell, Satan, Devil, etc were not around when Witchcraft was the only religion on Earth. These horrible and evil “myths” were started by people who wanted to control others. That was all. For peace to be established on Earth, all of us should respect each other’s faiths, lifestyles and choices. Telling someone that they don’t know about the “the right way to live” is ignorance itself. Each human being has a brain because they need to think, make choices and act according to their convictions. Forced conversions, killing people because they tried to draw the face of “God” or a Messiah, killing someone because they are gay, killing people in the name of religion (witch hunt) killing animals, etc are condoned in many religions while they are banned in other religions. So who decides which religion is better? The ones who win the war? It is best to live by nature. Nature created us and back to Nature we go. If only everyone did that! There would be peace. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. sara says:

    I have a question I do believe in God and Jesus so will it be wrong of me to want to learn about this. Does this witch craft brings in evil spirits. And is it true that in order to have these powers that your salesing your soul to the devil.

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