Rosemary Uncrossing spell

I want to know if my family has been cursed due to unexplained things can you help with finding out?

Merry Meet Seeker,
Here is an uncrossing spell for you. This spell will break a curse and also life the evil eye too. Rather than worry about who cursed you, it is best to get rid of the hex as soon as possible. For this spell, you will need an powerful oil called “Uncrossing oil” which is made by adding essential oil of hyssop, essential oil of angelica, essential oil of frankincense, sea salt, black pepper, cayenned pepper, a sprig of rue, a sliver of fresh garlic and a key chain to castor oil and hohoba oil. It is very useful when we need to get rid of a hex or curse.
For this spell, you will need nine drops of essential oil of Rosemary, one glass of rainwater, nine drops of Uncrossing oil.
Step 1: Place nine drops of Rosemary in a large cup of rainwater
Step 2: Add nine drops of the Uncrossing oil to it.
Step 3: Stir the contents well and place the cup near a window.
Step 4: Let it sit there for three days
Step 5: On the fourth day, use this water to sprinkle all the rooms of the house. Give more attention to corners and rooms that may feel weird or creepy.
Step 6. To keep you safe, add essential oil of rosemary to your bath too.
Brightest Blessings.

“Spiritual protection spell”,”please help me my mother in law and daughter in law is using black magick on me.i always had a headache . iam a lecturer an also studing .when they are angry on me they use black magic on me .i am not able to think ,not able to umderstand .as if some one has tied my head because of which iam not able to think .i have also have pain in my right abdomen.please help me.

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is so unfortunate that your family may be the reason for all of your health issues. However, from today, remember that your own spirit is very powerful and it will be able to withstand the attacks from weaker people. Usually, the people who resort to black magic are those who are weak and pathetic by nature.
As human beings, we, the good and powerful ones do not have to resort to hurting anyone for any reason. However, we need to stand up for good deeds only and espouse the grand ways of life without resorting to negative thoughts. Here is a spell that will help you feel stronger at the same time enabling you to withstand the attacks.
Convert an Enemy Spell
Since these people are your relatives, the best way to deal with your problem is to make them love you. In this way, you will not be hurting them and make the situation even worse.
For this spell, you will need a brown candle, a bowl , brown paper and brown sugar.
Step 1: Using a dull knife, carve the names of these people (who are hurting you) on the candle three times each starting at the bottom and working upwards.
Step 2: Place the brown sugar in a bowl and set the candle in the bowl supported by the brown sugar.
Step 3: Burn it for 30 minutes and then pinch it out. During the 30 minutes, visualize living happily with these relatives without any problems between all of you.
Step 4: Repeat burning the candle for a total of nine consecutive evenings, again visualizing good times ahead for everyone in your family.
Step 5: On the ninth night, allow the candle to burn down.
Step 6: Now gather the remaining wax and sugar. Wrap them up in brown paper.
Step 7: Dispose of the remnants in the area of their home or in the crossroads.
Brightest Blessings

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