Seeing Auras

do you know a link that tells you what aura seeing can be developed into OR what you can do by seeing aura thnak you VERY VERY much!!

Aura is our spiritual signature! Auras are portraits of our body’s vibration patterns. If we train our minds to focus on an object, then we can teach ourselves to see auras. There are many workshops and tutorials on the web to learn about auras and how to train ourselves to see them.

Auras around non-living objects are more or less constant while the auras of living, thinking, moving, interacting objects are constantly changing. The Auras around human beings consist of electromagnetic radiation. The low frequencies of vibration surrounding our body is believed to be body’s activities such as thinking, sleeping, health and emotions.

The colors and intensity of auras, especially around the head is the most important because it shows us how their thoughts are changing. By becoming familiar with the changes in the colors and intensity of thoughts, we can actually guess the person’s thoughts or responses even before they utter it. And if they are not speaking the truth, we can see that too!

Recently a number of cameras (Kirlian) were introduced into the market that can actually take pictures of our aura! See below for links to their web pages.

Reading an aura is important because it shows whether we are going through some emotional or physical trauma or if we are normal and happy with our lives. A bright, clean aura indicates a spiritually advanced and healthy person while a dark, gray aura may mean that the person has evil intentions.

Also, if a person is ill without knowing it (say cancer of the lungs) then the aura will be broken around the side of the body where that cancerous lung is located. We can also check if someone is completely healed from any disease by just checking the aura

You can check out if a priest of teacher has a good aura before being a follower. Such teachers usually have a golden halo around their heads. That is one reason why most of our religious icons are painted to have golden halos.

Here ia a link to learn how to teach yourself to see auras:

Links to cameras that can capture auras (no guarantees)

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