Should I be with Leo?

Hi I lost a boyfriend once because another guy i was seeing threatened to kill himself if i did not become his girlfriend. Unfortunately for my ex-boyfriend Leo, he stole a car and now is in rehab….am i meant to be with him?

I know you already left your ex-boyfriend for the guy who claimed he would kill himself if you were not his girlfriend, but you need to not let men manipulate you this way. If that guy was serious about his threat, he needs counseling and help, not a girlfriend.

As for Leo, the decision whether to be with him or not is completley up to you. The universe does not tell you what is meant to be; it opens the doors for possibilities.

If you love Leo, and are willing to help him through his problems, then the choice is yours. Too often people do something or don’t do something based on some wild theory that it is “meant to be”. And, while I believe we have soul mates and people who are destined to be a part of our lives, both you and the other person can screw that up.

For example, if your soul mate has chosen a mate in this lifetime that is not the right one before he meets you, that relationship takes precedence over being your soul mate. We do not believe that you end one relationship because of the hope or dream of another.

Or, you could let someone emotionally blackmail you, like you mentioned in your question and miss out on the good things that life has to offer. Sometimes, we pay for our mistakes and sometimes we are given a chance to correct them. But either way, we must be able to make our choices based on what it best, not what we believe is meant to be.

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