Should I extinguish the candle burning for 5 days?

The candle that won’t stop burning…. Hello, I’m Remi and I practice the Native American Indian Shamanism. I’m of Comanchee, Cherokee decent. Raised on an Indian Reservation in Oklahoma. Last year I was signed to a record deal with a well known label. I sold my home in TX and moved to FL to begin recording. I began looking for management. (see the rest of that story below…if you need to for reference) I’m confused over the candle I lit March 16 that is still burning ! I don’t know if you needed to know WHY I lit that candle and who else was involved so I’ve included it below to save time. I have spent many hours doing protection rituals and such. I have help from my reservation Shamans regarding the stalker. I’m NOT afraid of this man any longer. He has ceased most everything he was doing. However, I lit 2 small 1″ x 4″ white candles one with the words “Make Mark loose interest in me” on the side… the other was a general candle. I placed them on my alter as I’ve done for 5 years. As you know 5 years of burning candles has built quite a big mound of wax. The general candle burned out as expected…BUT the other didn’t quit like the hundreds did before it. Instead it has been burning since Friday morning. My alter is a rectangle. I usually burn two to three candles at a time for various things. I line them up Right to left. The candle on the right was normal. The one on the left burned thru the mound of wax that was on the left… It is now a pool of hot wax, a bit larger than a softball in diameter. All the wicks from the many candles that were on the left side are now joined together like a haystack and have become ONE wick! I was so intrigued I’ve been taking photos of this and will gladly send them to you. I’ve never encountered this before and neither have my Shaman’s back home nor my astrologist. Rose, I don’t know you, but I prayed before looking for help on the internet. From what I’ve read of your site you seem sincere and authentic. My question is: Do I put the flame out or let it burn. it has now burned thru half of the mound of wax and continues to draw in the old wicks. But, the wax is getting very dark in color now. I’ve opened the windows to let the burned wax smell out. I know this is a wonderful answer from my ancestors and guides! I’m grateful for their help. I just don’t know what to do next and don’t want to do the wrong thing. Gratefully! Sgi’a’gi! (Blessings I to You, in Cherokee) Remi [email protected] (the rest of the story regarding the stalker) One of the men that interviewed for the position of managing my singing career became obsessed with me. He made himself friendly with our family and slowly gathered information about my children, my family in Oklahoma and myself. I have four children, two by adoption when I was in high school (although it took 7 years to get legal paperwork completed) and two by birth. They are my life. He knew that. I also have an orphanage assistance program for overseas adoptions. I MUST keep a clear record for that. Not hard at all until HE made false accusations against me, and the police came to my door to inspect my home and my children. Finding nothing and hearing my version of the problem… they advised I get a restraining order. This man tricked me into signing a contract AFTER I had told him I wasn’t interested in him filling that position. He then began to stalk us. He is also suing me for NOT abiding by this ridiculous 20 YEAR contract! That passes to his son when he is dead! He is a local celebrity in the area of South Florida, and has many contacts in high positions. I couldn’t get a retraining order due to this. Even though two police officers and a NEW judge urged me to keep trying. He wrote letters, made phone calls, tried to sway my friends against me in court… all resulting in the loss of my very good job ($6000.00 per month), my male friend of 5 years, even the loss of my record contract! He called my family and friends to tell them what I was doing each day… adding his twisted lies to it each time. He continued to threaten me and then my children and family! As I said I’m Comanchee and don’t take too well to threats of violence against the innocent! I sought help from my Shamans. I chose to borrow the money and move as far away as I could. I moved to Nevada in Oct.


So long as the candle/wax burning does not present a danger to you or your children (as in causing a fire), I would let it burn.

Though this is not something I have seen before, as this was cast to protect you from this man and he seems to be hard to distract, I would take faith that your gods are accepting your offering.  It seems too odd a coincidence that the old wax and wicks would just, pardon the expression, magically line up and create such a strance occurence.

Therefore, I must believe that whatever magic needed to be worked to get this man out of your life for good was not complete when the first candle should have gutted and burned out.

Clearly, your guardians decided that rather than wait until time had passed and your prayers were only half-answered, they would allow the prayer fire to continue until what was needed was done.

In the meantime, now that you are in a new state and further from this man’s influences, I would suggest that you seek that restraining order again. Where you are now, he probably does not have the ties to influence the legal system. Believe in the power of your spirits to protect you and to lead him astray, but don’t be afraid to reinforce it with the authority of man. You have your children to consider.

Blessed Be, Remi. May your tribulations end.

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