Should I help my friend get revenge?

does my friend brianna gourmly need a little revenge?

There is absolutely nothing in the Wiccan faith that makes revenge a good thing.

The faith beleives that whatever you do to someone else comes back to you three times over. Even if you have very good reasons for wanting to help your friend with ehr revenge, it will mean bad things for you. Whatever you do to someone else thinking that you are helping her will come back to you, even worse. Do you really want to invite that king o pain and trouble into your life?

A better way to handle it is to help your friend through the pain of whatever has hurt her and to turn the desire for revenge over to the universe. If you simply allow karma to take care of your friend’s need for revenge is, it will be better for everyone concerned.

By not having a direct hand in the revenge, you avoid inviting pain to yourself. And, by helping your friend get through her pain, you are putting good energy and good karma out into the world. The most important aspect of the faith is to do what you want, but to make sure that you are not hurting someone else along the way. If someone else hurt Brianna, then your job as a friend is to help her in the best way you know how. Let the person who hurt her get the pain they have coming to them without your help.

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