Should I hide my witchcraft interests from my mother?

Should i hid this from my mom?


In case that wasn’t clear, let’s try again. No, Nada, niet, nien…Do not hide your interest in witchacraft from your mom.

There is nothing wrong with the belief in witchcracft, but you have a duty as long as you live in her home to obey the rules your mother sets forth. That means if she has a problem with your studying witchcract, you wait and do it when you are an adult and outside of her home.

Your mother is charged by the Goddess, by nature and by the provisions of the laws of man to protect you and do what she believes is best for you. If that means she disapproves of your chosen religion, you respect her until you are an adult.

Besides, if you hide your interest from her, it implys that you are doing something wrong. Instead, approach her openly and tell her you have discovered an interest in a non-traditional religion and ask her to help you investigate it.

If your mom is open-minded, she is likely to want to help you find reliable people to teach you who will also have your best interest at heart. If it is contrary to her beliefs, asking her about it will give you an opportunity to discuss her religious beliefs with her. Then, when you are older, you can talk with her again. In the meantime, you show her your maturity by approaching this like an adult.

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