I am learning and reading a lot anout various metaphysical as well as occult phenomina. i only want to know if i should in deed practice witchcraft or Santeria. The witchcraft seems more appealing at the time, but I’m torn.

Which faith you choose is entirely up to you.  Do you have a religious or ethnic pull towards Santeria?  While it is very different from Wicca, it is a fascinating religion, too. 

As a background, it’s kind of difficult to categorize the exact beginning of Santeria.  Its roots are in the Yoruba people of West Africa (the area that is now Nigeria and Benin) but it is not necessarily an African religion.  The origin of the current Santeria (also known as “La Regala Lucunmi”)  is linked to the 1700′s and the beginning of the slave trade.  Many West Africans ended up as slaves in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other parts of the Carribean islands.  Since these people were forcibly made to convert to Catholicism, for safety they hid their religion inside of Catholic rituals, and their gods inside the plethora of Catholic saints. 

The predominant God of Santeria is Olodumare, or Olorun.  From Olorun comes the “ashe”, or spiritual energy from which comes the the entire Universe, all life, all things.  Through Olorun Santerias can access the “orishas”, similar to (and identified with) the Catholic saints.  Like the saints, the orishas are thought of as God’s emissaries, and they intervene on behalf of believers when called upon, through Olorun.  Prayers, rituals, and offerings are all means of communication with the orishas.  Each of the orishas is associated with certain colors and particular animals.  Of course, this is just a bare-bones sketch of a very colorful and deep religion.

If you are truly interested in Santeria (as well as in Wicca) I would suggest checking out the numerous books on each religion.  One’s Faith is not something which should be entered into lightly.  There are some similarities, but also very vast differences between witchcraft and Santeria.  I would advise learning and then meditation to find out which path the Universe would have you take.

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  1. TruthTella says:

    This is totally false.

    Santeria was, is and will always be an African religion.

    Santeria or Lucumi (one of the names in Cuba) is an African religion–obvious from the incantations, greetings to the dieties, names of the Gods and Goddesses etc. In fact the word “Lucumi” is derived from the Yoruba (West African Language) greeting “oloku mi” Meaning “hi, my friend”

    Catholic saints are seen as one way that the orishas materialize out of many. There is no hiding, it is a natural part of the religion,.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an example of people who write about things they don’t know.

    One has to wonder if this writer has a problem with Africans?

  2. nikki says:

    Truthtella is wrong. Even though Santeria derived from the Yoruba is has evolved over the years and not once did I see that it wasn’t credited to the Africans in the first article. Santeria is different from the original African religion of the Yoruba.

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