Should I stay in my relationship?

ok this is going to sound strange i’ve been in a relationship for 5 years with a older man and wondering if he’s the one i wonder because we bicker and argue and i feel there be some one else out there for me could u please help? thank you

First, please understand that there is no relationship out there, that doesn’t involve at least some bickering and aruging. Find someone who claims that their relationship doesn’t include that and I’ll show you someone who is lying to you or lying to themselves. So, don’t let the fact that you sometimes argue ruin a perfectly good relationship.

That said, if by “we bicker and argue” you mean every day, if these fights are violent or if it is just wearing you down too much, then by all means, it’s time to move on.

My biggest concern with your question is that you say you feel like there is someone else out there for you. If you believe this, then it is unfair to your current partner for you to stay with him while you are looking for that someone else. If you are looking for someone else, then you need to leave this relationship to be fair to him and to yourself.

However, before you take that drastic step, spend some time considering how you feel about your current partner and if you will be happier without him. Do not leave him assuming that there is someone better. There might be, but you need to make the decision about this relationship based on this relationship.

If your current partner is not right for you and you are just together becuase you have been too complacent to move on, then fix it. But if you love the man you are with and are just moving on because you believe there might be something better, then you need to consider what it would be like without the man you love and think about getting some counseling to fix what’s wrong with your relationship instead of just walking away.

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