Should I try black magic?

Ok see I know doing black magic can bring you on a bad side if you abuse it and I know many people say they wont and end up hurting people or hurting themselves I have been practicing wicca for over 5 years now and I feel like I am getting stronger every day i can do many things yet I am still just a normal kid with a high power. What I dont know is once you go over the line and become a wicca who uses black magic is it hard to come back to regular white magic. the reason I ask this is because I have had a friend who will be unnamed and she tried black magic but she got like addicted to it and when she hurt someone she loved she tried to give it up then weird things started to happen to her like all of a sudden she would have bad luck for a day and almost get hit by a car and when she went to do a good luck spell it would again turn out bad then all her spells would come back by the power of three and when she stopped using black magic it was hard for her because she was litterly addicted to it so stupidly she did it again and tried to bind someone and it came back at her again and now stupidly she is in the hospital I dont want that to come back at me and I dont want to loose control of my magic I only want to strengthen my powers to a higher extent and I want to try black magic because it will help me to and everything. But I dont want to get out of control or become addicted to it or anything so I was wondering if you could help me out and tell me if I try that will I have a problem coming back to white magic.

After seeing what your friend is suffering through., how can you even ask this question. Black magic is bad..all the time for any purpose and it is addicting. People who have power almost always want more and giving up that power once you’ve tasted it is almost impossible.

Black magic is evil under any other name you want to put on it. There is no good that can come from it and no one should ever use it. Will you get hit with the rule of three?  You betcha. But even more important, I have never seen anyone who could use black magic without it hurting someone.

The reason for that is very simple. Black magic operates on the premise that it is okay to hurt other people. That is where the power is drawn from. instead of energies drawn from good and light, the energies are drawn from pain and suffering. Yes it is very powerful magic, but the cost is extremely high.

You cannot simply choose to give it up once it has you in its clutches. Instead, the black magic will continue to draw you farther in and make you more willing to use it. It may even appear to have good effects for a little while until it gets what it wants and you are addicted.

Please learn from your friends mistakes and do not repeat this error.

Blessed Be.

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  1. kaleem says:

    my name is muhammad kaleem ullah khan . my date of birth is 28/2/1946. i am challanging all the magician in this world . is there any one who can break my magic i am a black magicain no one can beat me in this world .no one can break my magic if some one cast spell to me i will reverse his spell to him i am challanging all magicain to beat me i have there sons mateen , mubeen ,moiz and her mother name is salma if some one cast spell to my son i will reverse his spell to him i am challanging to all magician to beat me

  2. Debbie says:

    My boyfriend can’t stop cheating. I need help to stay strong and move on. I want to put a spell on him where he can’t get it up with anyone else but me. (For incase we can work it out)? Any ideas? Email me [email protected]

  3. Dreamer says:

    Still if it’s powerful why not use it?

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