Should I use spells?

hi ive just started witch craft adn i want to use spells but im not sure if they would work and if they dont i would dout myself adn think im useless and i would think theres no point on doing withcraft irf i cant do spells .do you think the spells would work adn if i would write the spells on my own do i have to perform them in a circle or a secred place ?

I can understand your reluctance to start using spells. Like you, I want tos ee results soon after I try something new and get disappointed if it doesn’t happen right away.

But I think you can start with simple spells and build your confidence with them. I would recommend agaisnt trying anything super difficult like changing the weather or attracting a new mate, but simple spells to improve your luck or protection spells are a great way to start.

And, there is absoutely nothign wrong with writing your own spells. It’s not a bad idea to start with tried and true spells, but if you feel better with your own spells, then that’s what matters to you. Magick has everything to do with the energy we put into it and if you believe mroe strongly in your own spells than in something written by a stranger, then the magic will be stronger.

However, no matter what type of spell you decide to begin with it is important to cast a circle first and then ground yourself within the circle to find the source of your energy. One of the msot common msitakes of beginning witches is that they don’t understand the flow of power through them and kind of shoot out energy randomly instead of directing it deliberately into their desires and spells. Practice focusing your energy and your spells will work.

Blessed Be.

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  1. Martha says:

    Just wanted to run someting by you. I just became a spell maker with magick. I believed this has been a calling which I have ignored all my life, but one day while searching for my spirit, I realized this is what I am to do. Is it possible to cast a spell which helps protect someone from unwanted strife after only conducting one spell? I did this for a friend of mine who started in a new position where she works. She felt out of place and like someone was always watching her every move. She was about to quit her new job because she felt she could not get this monkey off her back, so to speak.It seemed like a job where someone was “watching” her all the time. Her health has always been a problem when she is stressed. Of course she was stressed in this new position and had been in the emergency room with health concerns. When I heard from her, I felt it was my duty in some way to help her find peace. Therefore, I did a magick spell to protect her from harms way and to help with her health problems. She and I had lunch last week and she seemed like a diffrent person. She told me my spell had worked!! This of course was exciting for me!!! Am I walking in shallow or deep waters trying to help others with my new found abilities? I would never do anything to turn the laws of nature onto myself or anyone else, knowingling. This does not say that I could make a mistake. This is why I ask is it too early? I feel a great need to help others and feel this is the best way to do this on an individual basis.

  2. alora says:

    hello rose…I want to create a spell on my on cz I am curious of what i have inside what i felt…When I was in my collage yrs..I dont know if it is a coinsidence or what but some how I felt that I have a 3rd eye…I predicted some horrible things like otwo of my closest family member will die and it happened..and i felt something foreign and the best part was…the only person can sense it are those people who has something like what I have…what shall i do? do u think it is some kind of my natural power? or magic?and there is something w/n me that there’s a force in me that I should check on the magic side to look for answer in my longing…why do i have this drive to learn some witchcraft…am I an inborn witch? or just a fanatic?pls… help…

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