Should we perfrom a protective spell before letting a child have a Christian baptism?

Should we do a protection spell over a child before having a christian baptism?

Hello dear, If I understand your question properly, you are wanting to know if there is a need to weave a protective spell over a child before they receive a Christian baptism? Well, I suppose I first have to answer your question with a couple of questions of my own…. Is the child in question yours? If it is your child and you for some reason feel that having the child baptized into the Christian faith will somehow bring it harm… then why on earth are you still doing it? If the child is not yours, then is there some reason that you have to believe that receiving the baptism will adversely effect the child? Do you believe that the priest or preacher performing the baptism in some way wishes the child harm or will in some manner seek to hurt the child? If not, then I suppose that I am not following as to why you might think that a protection spell would be needed against what is, by all rights, a very peaceful and harmonious Christian ritual? I am a practicing Wiccan, but that does not mean that I need protections spells in place before entering a Christian church. It is not like I am going to burst into flames just from entering a site dedicated to another’s religion… and certainly not from a religion that hopefully wishes me no direct harm or ill will….

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  1. T. W. says:

    I think your answer to this idiotic question is great. Christians and Wiccan are pretty much peaceful loving and tollerant people who do not wish others harm so why would you need a protection spell? And if you feel the need for one why on earth would you have your child baptised by a faith you obviously have no faith in? My 2 cents…Good job Rose!

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