Simple Love Spell

Can u teach me how to do a simple love spell that i can do??

We have to understand that to get Love, we need to have the capability to give love. It’s a wonderful cycle – giving love and getting it back. Sometimes it may not be from the same person. However, we have to keep trying. Everyone we see on our daily lives deserves our attention. If you hold a door open for someone or pick up something another has dropped accidentally or carry some groceries for a mother who cannot pick up her crying child because her hands are busy. All of these small and simple gestures will reap big rewards for you if you do it unconditionally. Usually, it’s not the same person that helps us back.

For a love spell, first you have to visualize a happy situation. You can imagine meeting a person at a vacation spot, or suddenly helping someone and the person reciprocating by asking you out or something like that you are comfortable with.

Get these three things:

  1. A pink candle
  2. Some flowers
  3. An incense stick with holder

Turn down all the noise in your house. You may put some slow, peaceful music in the background.  Sit down in a comfortable place. Place the candle and the incense holder on a metal or glass tray.  Light the candle and the incense making sure that they are in a safe place free of drafts.  Now arrange the flowers on the tray.

Gaze at the candle for a minute. Think of how it gives us light and joy unconditionally. Enjoy the beauty of the flowers for a minute. Think of how these flowers are making our lives more beautiful without any expectation of returns.

Now Close your eyes and smell the incense. Ponder on the beauty and selflessness of the incense stick that is so giving of itself for you. Meditate on your love for everyone and everything that  is selfless in this world.

Say these words:

I am pure love on the outside

I am pure love within

My love glows like a candle

My love flowers within

Let my love spread to the world

Let my Love come in!

Each of us have soul mates, many of them!  It is important that we keep our minds and our soul open to receive them. Always be on the lookout for someone who may be your soul mate. Do not have any pre-conceived notions about their appearance or behavior.

If you repeat this spell and meditate on the possibility of attracting love, IT WILL HAPPEN VERY SOON!

Good Luck! :)

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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