So many ways to make a wand?

Why does the process to make a wand is different in different sites e.g. is a little different and easier process why is so because a process of making something which has to be one way is given in various easier to most difficult processes. I am confused as if in a difficult maze.

Merry Meet Seeker,
A wand is just an extention of your own energy. So each person can decide how to make a wand, what wood to choose for, the length of the wand, what decorations go on it, etc. Just as Wicca is a celebration of our own energy and connection to the entire Universe, what we make also will have our own stamp on it.

Just as we use our energy to work on spells and change our life, we have the powers to choose to use a wand or not. Many practitioners do not use wands. The wands became so popular because of the movies of Harry Potter and others which show magick mixed in with movie graphics and cinematic effects. One can easily be successful without a wand or any other tools to help us.

Wands can be made with many type of woods. Each type of wood has its innate quality since trees are part of Nature. Some people prefer willow for the wand while others like oak or Hazel. Rowan is a favorite for wands while Hazel, Ebony, etc are rarely used. Each of these woods are believed to have their powers and properties that will enhance our spell working results.

Sometimes wood is not used for making wands. Instead people may use copper or other metals that are believed to transfer energy more efficiently from our spirit to the destination. At times, wands are plain and have no decorations while at other times, they may have many decorationg including crystals, sequins, gemstones, etc.

It is important for you to create a wand that is made for you, made by you and one which will serve you at all times.

Brightest Blessings

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