can you define the word ‘solore’ ?……i think it may be an asatru reference to ‘soul’ ???????

Solore is the name of a cold, night wind from the mountains along the Drome River in Southeastern France. Asatru is one of the oldest religions that originated in Northern Europe. So the name Solare may be linked to ancient Asatru religion.

Asatru is an Old Norse word that means “belief in the Gods”. Old Norse was the language of ancient Scandinavia and the Asatru religion is believed to be more than 40,000 years old! It was practiced in England, Germany, France, the Netherlands as well as Scandinavia.

Asatru is one of the Pagan religions that was almost destroyed by the Judeo-Christian/Islamic religions that originated much later in the middle-eastern countries and because of which wars are still raging in this world.

The followers of Asatru, like the ancient Africans, Hindus and Native Americans, respected nature and learnt to conserve and utilize our resources efficiently. They didn’t believe in surrendering their will to an overpowering entity sitting on a throne unknown and unseen by common people.  They believed that our will and desires could create our future in Magickal ways with the blessings of the Universal energy.

Hama and Hyge are the words used in the old Norse religions to indicate the soul or the spirit. Main (or megin) was the term used to refer to “soul power” which was believed to have existed in humans as well as animals.

Hope this helps with understanding the word Solare as well as the Asatru religion.

Blessed Be!

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