Something went wrong with my spell working

Hello, Rose. I wish to remain anonymous as possible so I will limit what I write. Hope you understand. I have some very interesting things to tell you and ask you about. I hope you can offer some advice or help, even a spell or two. I did a non manipulative spell but when i did this spell the candle i used literally blew up in my face, and I just barely was able to move away in time, so no injuries occurred, luckily i brought the candle to the tub. I think it was the shape of the candle that caused it, and the energy burst possible? At first everything was okay and nothing bad was happening, in fact it was actually creating good. Then a month or two later 6.66 showed up, I won’t say where, but somewhere it shouldn’t have and the odds of it happening are pretty slim.I believe it was a bad sign, what do you think it meant? I always thought of it as a negative, or devil sign. This part scares me. Slowly this spell turned into a black spell things went from good to incredibly bad and I felt i was possessed. Someone was manipulating me! The spell wasn’t for me, and wasn’t suppose to be a manipulative one at all. It was meant to be positive! Everything is okay now, it stopped and things are ruined to a certain extent. Do you have any clue what this all was? How can I prevent bad karma from what I felt like I barely had control over? Are there any types of spells I can do? I already did two you recommended to another person for getting rid of bad karma. Thank you for any help or advice you can give me rose!

Merry Meet Seeker, I am really sorry to hear that you had an accident while you were working on the spell. We always caution people to be very careful when they handle flame or hot items etc for accidents happen all the time. One of the ways in which you can avoid accidents is to use very small candles or use no candles at all. Candles, incense, etc help us by increasing our concentration and by cleansing the area around us. If we keep the area clean and private, we may not even need candles for our spell. The long thin incense sticks are fairly safe if you have something below to catch the ashes they produce. As we get better at spell-working, we realize that we don’t need any props at all. We can work on our spells all day long without a single tool or other props. When our mind gets powerful, nothing can stop us from creating. About the bad karma you have been experiencing – It has to do with whatever you did in your past. When we do any spell for that matter, it is very important to sit down and think of the long lasting effects of the spell and how it will affect other people. Remember if any of our spells affect others, we have to inform them about the spell BEFORE we do it. Regardlss of whether you do a spell for someone else or for yourself, you will hear from the Universe because you were the one who initiated the action. The Karma is returned to you even if you didn’t mean to harm anyone and was just helping someone else. If there was no negative energy involved in this spell but you were trying to bring two lovers together for example, someone in that relationship could have been hurt by this union. There are so many ways in which we may hurt others inadvertently. Again, It may have nothing to do with your spell, you may have said something hurtful to someone else without really thinking through it. Karma will surely be at our door if we do things without thinking it through. Hope your future spell working will be safe, productive and beneficial to all concerned. Brightest Blessings Rose.

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