Son is ensnared by a Cult: How do I deal with this?

Dear Rose Ariadne, I need your help concerning my son, he is 21 years old, and i think that he was recruited by a cult leader in their campus, he does not want to come home and refuses to talk to us, i think he is giving all of his money to the cult and I just miss him so much, I would like to know when he is coming home to us even, their cult leader uses behavior modification this cult operates on campus and the school officials condone this kind of practice, and i am afraid for my son. Can you please help us? Do you use white magick and can you please get him back?

Merry Meet!

This is an enormous challenge and my heart goes out to you. I understand that you are concerned and will try to offer you advice appropriate to your situation. The point is that even though he is 21 years old and an adult by law, he remains your son – first and foremost.

1. You need to get him back to your house for visits. It is impossible to manage any potentially problematic situation from a distance. Call him or contact him and let him know that you realize that he is an adult and that you respect his choices and that you will not interfere unless asked to. Also let him know that you do not want to lose him and that he must please come and have lunch with you. Commit not to discuss the cult during lunch and stick to it. You need to rebuild your relationship. To support the request magickally, you can light a light pink candle next to a photograph and pray to your Deity to help bring him home for the visit.

 2. Investigate the cult. Read everything you can get your hands on. Try and form a balanced opinion. Speak to the section within the Police Force dealing with cults. Find out if there are any problems being investigated. Know what your child is dealing with – and know it intimately.

3.  If the subject is initiated by your son at any point in time – say nothing that can be construed as criticism. It will drive him away. Rather listen closely and try to understand his take on the situation.

4. If you discover that you may have had a misperception, admit it to him. If it is a bad situation, all you can really do is to remain close and – if you feel strongly enough about it – take some magickal action. The way to go about this is to identify a reputable ‘spell caster’ in your area and to go and see him or her in person.

I so hope that you can find a way out of this for both of you and I wish you love, light and happiness on the way forward.

Brightest Blessings.

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