Soul-Mate or Life-Mate?

I have been involved with a love specialist with my situation about my boyfriend. She has been working on my spell since March of last year and honestly i’m really not seeing anything to amazing from when I called and asked her for help. I do feel that she is genuine and real. She did tell me as time progressed that he was more of a hard case than she thought. All of her love spells are natural and not against the will. She made sure that he loved me first before we started. But I am extremely frustrated. The spells being performed is a soul mate spell. Do you have any advice for me?

Thanks for asking this question.  I’d imagine that after over a year, you are becoming quite frustrated, and who could blame you?  Perhaps the lack of the type of answer you want is tied up in the type of spell that is being used. 

Please, don’t be too hard on the Love Specialist that you chose to help you.  Sometimes, what we want, what we need, and what we are asking for or seeking are altogether different things.  Maybe the difficulty in this spell lies in the term “soul-mate.”

It’s interesting, as we generally think of the person with whom we are to spend our lives as our “soul-mate”, when actually, that’s a “life-mate.”  Although it CAN happen, soul-mate energies are usually directed more astrally, as that is where our souls interact.  Soul-mates usually give you that “warm fuzzy” feeling of connection without the physical heat.  Life-mates on the other hand give us the tumultous, up and down feeling of a roller coaster, with the accompanying thrills, chills, screams, and laughter.

There are several variables here which would help if I knew.  First, is this boyfriend still someone you see every day, or would you consider him an “ex” boyfriend?  Second, even though you have not seen anything “amazing” in response to the spells, have you seen any differences in his behaviors?  Third, have you asked your practitioner what her personal instinct is regarding the longevity of this relationship?  Fourth, is this soul-mate spell attached to anything physical, such as a poppet? 

I am very relieved that her spells are not against the will, and are natural.  It seems like you have a good relationship with your specialist; why not try asking her what she thinks the next step should be?  If your boyfriend has not responded in an appreciable way in over a year, there might be indications that this is not a life-mate for you.  My advice would be to ask her if a different direction may be advisable.

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