Spell for selling property and making money

i was working with an international chai of hotels, but right now with som familly problems i am here with my familly,my question s simple ,i want to make more money, and i have some property i want to sell that also,,plzz help me

Greetings! Life has its ups and downs. If we didn’t have the “down” periods, we may never enjoy the happier times with appreciation. So let us find a way to increase your money potential. Try the pomander money spell: Gather the following: 1 large orange a dozen cloves half a cup of powdered dried parsley gold glitter (available in party stores or craft stores) or gold magnetic sand green ribbon. a small sharp knife green candle On a new moon day, wash the orange well and dry it. Prepare the altar or your private space and sit by it meditating in the light of the green candle. Think of all the problems you have had on the job as well as the recent family problems. Visualize it all behind you (imagine throwing it away from you) and moving on with life. To invite properity and joy into your life, you have to open up your heart and imagine that life is turning around. Using the knife, carve a number or symbol in the orange. It can be a thousand or a dollar sign or a rune for good luck. You should not ask for more than you need (to win a lottery etc). Now stick the cloves around the orange. Each time you stick a clove, chant: Money grow, money flow Candle burn, let me earn. Now roll the entire orange with cloves (pomander) in the dried parsley. Then roll it in the glitter or magnetic sand for more power. Use the green ribbon to tie the pomander to the ceiling from where it can radiate energy and bring prosperity into your home. Brightest blessings.

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