Spell Reversing Bottle

How do I get rid of a curse that has been encountering my family including me now for years ??

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is very unfortunate that your family has been suffering because of a curse. Here is a spell that you can work on to remove this curse forever!
Spell Reversing Bottle
This is a famous spell. It is called a witch bottle spell. It is a very dangerous spell and you have to take all precautions to make sure that no one in you family or in the near vicinity may be harmed.
For this spell, you will need small glass bottle, nine pins, nine needles, nine nails, some water and some frankincense.
Step 1: Holding the bottle, put the nine pins, nine needles and the nine nails into the bottle. Be very careful when handling these items.
Step 2: Now fill the rest of the bottle with water and seal it tightly shut.
Step 3: At midnight when most of the world are asleep, make a fire in a safe place far away from any homes.
Step 4: Light some frankincense
Step 5: If you know who placed the curse on you, shout out their names loudly three times demanding that the curse be returned.
Step 6: if you are not sure of who put the curse on you, just focus on the bottle.
Step 7: Place the bottle on the fire and run to a safe spot or inside a house. Remember that the entire area will be covered with these sharp items later. Make sure that you clean up as soon as you can.
Step 8: When the bottle explodes, the spell will be returned to the person who did it.
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